Space 1.2: The Non-Conformist Space

Space 1.2: The Non-Conformist Space

If you can’t get what you want professionally where you are, move; and if you can’t get what you want professionally anywhere, move anyway. Move to where you are your very best “personal”. Move away — not from toxic people; people are never the deepest problems, tbh. Toxic communities, companies, cities and nation-states are. It’s these we must move away from, once we have failed to change them.

Everything has to be so carefully balanced. It’s like the legislative bodies of a sophisticated constitution: executive in consonance or versus … what do you really want?

If your community is cool, and your companies also, and the cities are smart as in human not as in tech, then the nation-state can still fuck everything up.

It’s such a delicate ecosystem, the expression of uncommon common sense. We usually get outliers — latterday outlaws, if you like — whose role it is to do the dirty work of leaderships, various. Plausible deniability to the very front, too.

What precisely we need is — literally — outliers of a radically different nature: many more non-conformists; far more non-conformism. Why? Change comes from dissonance, not agreement. Change is forged not in the pains of same-ism but in the rains of idleness: the procrastination — that is, the undirected thought — of deep creativity really does have no paragon.

We have to recapture our capacity to be non-conformist: communities, companies, cities, and nation-states all.

We just have to.

I’m telling you.

And so then: what do we propose? A space for the brain that is utterly safe, and private: a secret garden no one can even pretend to enter; the choices we may one day recover … sharing only when ready, never before.


And when we’ve had the time and space – particularly space, particularly this imperviousness – to deepen our own singular intelligences, we can choose or not to collaborate with others: but always out of liberty and the integrity of just being human.

The hyper-teams we write about separately. Those federations of human beings: no longer inspected into efficiency by the collectivisation which currently, generally, commands and controls.

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