Space 1.0: The Philosopher Space

Space 1.0: The Philosopher Space

I don’t think that one of the current key corporate goals can remain the same in the future.

We accept just about unquestioned that teams should always be greater than the sum of their parts.

This collectivisation — a la Soviet Union times — of the human spirit is, most politely put, short-sighted. More exactly, it’s disgraceful.

At Better Biz Me Ltd, we propose a different approach: an approach consistent with a model of society which doesn’t believe in the command & control culture of the USSR and — these days — of transglobal companies. An approach which posits absolutely the sovereignty of the individual human being as the basic building block of every procedure, every process, and every outcome.

This is why all the work we have been doing, since 2016 at least and probably since 1980 in some stumbling manner, has ineludibly driven us now to thought experiment The Philosopher Space:

An inviolable space for human thought. An impervious face to the world. The poker-play of a brand-new kind of IT architectures:

The final goal: capture, evidence, and validate the deepest, most upskilled and most enhanced intuitive and arational thinking ever delivered in human history.

A luxury only a select few — those who currently define our hegemonies — afford themselves; a luxury I want us all to afford ourselves.

And so why do this? Because whilst the past clearly uses the collective — teams of humans subsumed to the interests of the majority — and whilst this may be supremely practical, it also facilitates much of the workplace and societal abuse that takes place in the name of the aforementioned practical efficiencies.

In the name of shared outcomes external to our humanity we commit multiple crimes against people’s dignity.

We must stop.

And we will only be able to do so by properly winning the Cold War of the 1950s onwards: by moving firmly away from the collectivisation of human thinking and creativity — via this very scoping, creating, and developing of precisely the tools we suggest relevant. The genius tools underlying all our projects, whatever the sector and industry:

How do you think the most powerful people in the world acquire such a capacity for the visionary analysis they clearly manifest?

Are we really saying that the corporations which impose on us an outside-in tech that manifestly aims to remove as many people from pricey payroll as possible, don’t — for themselves — use a well-different kind of AI to support their PEOPLE into becoming sooo much sharper?


Really not …?

No. When we get to the position that the parts are a real step-up from their flatly socialised sum … only then will a genius-for-all be made available to whomsoever freely wishes to become this.

Only then.

Only then.

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